ok ppl... these are some mest pix. they are mine unless i say another source. meaning: email me if you want to use them. include your site address so i can see your site!

NEW PIX!!! danielle's pix from 7/27/01 i think. click here.

pooja's pix from 12/23/00 old bridge. click here.

my pix from 12/20/01 in philly (electric factory, grrrr)click here.

jeremiah on the show w/ gc on 12/29. he is such a cutie... i was right in front of him... YAY yes i know its blurred. i think i took this as i was being kicked in the head by a crowd surfer. ;P

super grainy pic of tony on 12/29...

pic of tony on 12/29... when he was singing in the crowd. ahhhhh tony is a hottttttieeeee. hahaha. TAKEN BY KiRi!

this is jeremiah 12/29...also taken by the wonderful kiri. actually this is on the other half of the pic of tony.

since my pix suck ass i took this off the mest official site... it's jeremiah. yay!

matt, jeremiah, nick, tony. taken off the mest official site, cropped by moi.