show with gc and vroom on 12/29
this show was amazing!!! i went with sophie allison alyssa and kiri. they got there before i did. the first thing sophie said to me when i got there was "oh my god aaron was just here and he is so so so so so hot." (direct quote). i had made red seed bead bracelets for each of 'em with their names on 'em so at the end of gc's set i pushed up to the front and threw them on stage! lol lol daring moment for amy... i also made ones for the boys from mest but i left them at home! i'll give them to them next time they come to philly... anyway vroom played first. they were ok but not punk enough to satisfy most of the fans there. they were ok i guess... then came mest! hehe i loooove them.. they are adorable. but i like their music even more than their looks, same with gc. they are really good performers... tony was crowd surfing a little... he stood up and these grrls tried to pants him! hehe this was AFTER he took his shirt off! and then when tony got back onstage he was like "wait a sec" and he stuck his hand in his shorts and "adjusted himself," lol, then he was like "ok we can keep going now..." jeremiah (guitar & vocals) was closest to us. ::sigh:: anyway we were jumping around sooo much. these guys were moshing except they started from behind me so by the time i realized it i had been kicked in the face. and there was this hot punk/skater guy next to us but he had a girlfriend :( i took a lot of pix but they're really grainy and fxcked up. anyhow mest and gc are amazing... and mest sang "fxck the greyhound bus" which is a bonus track on their cd so all the people there were screaming "fxck you!" and it was cool. and they did the song from the fresh prince, ya know "west philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where i spent most of my days chillin out maxin relaxin all cool and then shootin some bball outside of the school..." and made everyone sing along which rocked.
i would have killed for backstage passes... grrrrrr it seems like everyone who runs a fan site really KNOWS the band... except me. oh well... anyhow i feel really grimy and i'm tired. so i'm gonna take a shower and then it's off to bed for me.