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cool ezine: [subscribe -- it's a music zine] alternative magazine.
cool site: - great site to look up bands
- lots of stuff on human rights, tolerance, holocaust, etc.
- gay lesbian & straight education network, i think
the truth. about smoking. this is a great ad campaign. smoking sucks. infect truth.
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good sites to find guitar tabs:
music x tabs - this site is so great.
ultimate guitar archive - good stuff
punk - one of my faves
punk guitar archive
also try searching on google. it's really useful... search for, for example... [ "good charlotte" "i heard you" guitar tabs ]. btw... i heard you is a super easy song... 4 chords -- C5, G5, high E5, high F5. you can learn it in about 30 seconds. so do.

don't take these w/o asking. thx.