stage name: st. paul
instrument: bass
dob/age: 10.5.1980 / 20
height: 5'9"
what we love about paul: he's good at bass. he's reeeeeally nice in person. etc. etc. etc.
according to the gc official site:
hobbies: playing video games, reading, writing poetry [that is mucho cool], "hanging at giebel's house with my troop from high school," playing bass, hanging at his house w/ family, going to the movies, "driving around waldorf thumping some hip hop."
things he loves: reading shakespeare & other awesome authors [my english teacher last year spent a lot of time telling us all the hidden innuendo in shakespeare such as "foot" is a euphemism for dick...], his family, his bed at home, his pets, his gc scooter
things he doesnt love: being homesick, not having enough underwear and socks on the road, humidity, dumb muscleheads, his high school math dept., "the fact that i actually miss waldorf"
food: anything italian [yummmm]
color: black and gray
tv show: the simpsons[do we notice a trend here?... no seriously the simpsons kick booty!]
famous chick: christina ricci [the only movie i've seen of hers is casper. lol i think that was in 2nd or 3rd grade...]
movies: jacob's ladder
superhero: mighty mouse
musical influences: pixies, joy division, bauhaus, sebadoh, skinny puppy, mobb deep, wu-tang, tool, the misfits, lagwagon, ratm, new order, fugazi