stage name: sickboy
instrument: his voice, heh heh
dob/age: 3.11.1979 / 21 (benji's twin but about 5 minutes younger)
height: the gc site says 5'9" but i got his autograph at the feastival and i think he's shorter
what we love about joel: his jean jacket, his general adorableness, his ears [hehe lizzie], how he's so sweet in person
according to the gc official site:
hobbies: collecting mcfarland and other action figures, collecting crucifixes, reading, hanging out w/ family and his dog cash
things he loves: anything starwars, going to the movies by himself, cooking, toys, sushi, girls, spiked hair, piercings, tattoos, the east coast, the west coast, clean socks, jewelry, getting mail, shopping malls, veggie burgers
things he doesnt love: waking up, wasabi [ick i cant stand that stuff], rainy days, humidity, every math teacher he's ever had, manual labor, 6th & main, bitter ex-football players
food: cookies (snickerdoodles), anything home cooked
color: baby blue
tv show: the simpsons, martin, southpark, seinfeld
famous chick: natalie portman [she is GORGEOUS]
movies: star wars, trainspotting
superhero: spiderman
musical influences/fave bands: the smiths [he was wearing a smiths shirt at the 12/29 show], the cure, beastie boys, weezer, cash money millionaires, green day, goldfinger, mxpx, social distortion, depeche mode, the lemonheads, ben lee, the clash, jimmie's chicken shack, tupac, fiona apple [she ROX], bjork, everclear, nirvana

kiri sent joel a little survey thing and he filled it out... WOOHOOOOOOOO we are ecstatic (kir- BEAMiNG! lol) so here it is...
1) I know a lot of girls who are dying to know this...Are you single? I'm definitely very single...I'd love to meet a girl though... [and i know a lot of girls who would love to meet you..... ;D]
2) What, besides the obvious fun involved, made you think this was how you wanted to live your life... famous and in Good Charlotte? I've never wanted to be trapped into the conventional way of life my parents lived, and music was a way out
3) What is the biggest thing you think you're missing out on being on tour as opposed to college? Not much
4) What advice can you give to teens who are trying to start a band? [kiri be in my band! lolwe can BOTH be drummers. hahahaha] Just keep at it, and be persistant...the only person who can stop you is you. [very very cool.]