ok kiddies... these pix are from the philly show on 4/3/01. PLEASE PLEASE don't take these without my permission. i am really proud of these pix, lol, they came out very well, despite the fact that i look deranged... <3amy

me and aaron... his hair is all bleachy except for one piece in the front... bon - johnny bravo!!
me and paul. this is such a cute pic... the only one where i look half decent, lol. but paul looks sooooo cute here.
me and billy. doesnt he look like anime here?? hahaha. bon -- he looks like a mojo jojo!
me and benji. a halfassed benjiface if i ever saw one. jk.
me and joel... haha my mom's like "oh good, this one's cute! and he doesn't have any metal protruding from his face!" haha i <3 my mommy
aaron's chucks. hahaha. i needed to waste film...
joel's chucks. lollllll.
one of paul's docs, hahahhahaha im pitiful
kinda dark pic of aaron
benji... looking a little weird but kool
billy. benji's pants leg.

aaron and danielle

benji and danielle. i took this pic. sorry itís blurry!

billy danielle and paul. i think thatís steveís reflection on the right and bonís on the left....?
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