ok kiddies... these pix are from the philly show on 2/11/01. PLEASE PLEASE don't take these without my permission. i am really proud of these pix, lol, they came out very well, despite the fact that i look deranged... <3amy

aaron's laughing 'cause my arm was stuck in his jacket. hahahahaha

let's try that one again... lol. i look bizarre, as usual.
this is alyssa and joel... a really good pic of joel.

me alyssa and paul.

benji looks good... teehee you can really see his hair here.
zoom of benji's hair:

i especially like the one on the bottom middle. the gas station shirt says "kid vicious."

this is taken by AnTiCrOmBiEGiRLi@aol.com. subscribe to her journal zine sick.sad.world.

joel and danielle

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