stage name: lil billy
instrument: guitar
dob/age: 6.15.1981 / 19
height: 5'11"
what we love about billy: his short twisty spiky hair thingies... [billy if you ever read this they are sooooo cool!], his star tattoos on his arm. and he is SOOOO sweet. and of course he's good at guitar...
according to the gc official site:
hobbies: collecting toys (star wars, simpsons, comic book characters), buying new clothes, playing music, hanging out w/ friends
things he loves: drawing, comic books, cartoons, girls, going online, music in general, sleeping, tattoos
things he doesnt love: people who don't use their blinkers, really lazy ppl, meat [i was a vegetarian for a couple months but i hate beans and i started losing weight b/c i was getting almost no protein. so i stopped. but i don't eat pork or shellfish. thats about the only kashrut i follow...]
food: pizza, food with peanut butter in it, sushi [ewwww but hey its all good], bean burritos
color: black
tv show: the simpsons [amy loves the simpsons! and amy doesn't like writing about herself in the 3rd person!]
famous chick: angelina jolie, mandy moore, jennifer lopez, christina aguilera
movies: star wars, the crow, who framed roget rabbit?, the nightmare before christmas [i think he was wearing a nightmare before christmas shirt at the 12/29 show]
superhero: batman
musical influences/fave bands: silverchair, incubus, deftones, michael jackson ["thrillaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sorry i couldn't resist that one. oh and funny joke: Q. what do the expos and michael jackson have in common? A. they both wear a glove on one hand for no apparent reason. lol], lit, linkin park, orgy, KoRn