stage name: kid vicious
instrument: guitar & vocals
dob/age: 3.11.1979 / 21. he's about 5 minutes older than joel.
height: 5'7"
what we love about benji: his hair (duh), white bondage pants, choker thing, how he's nice to his fans
according to the gc official site:
hobbies: hearing new bands, people watching, getting coffee and having a good conversation [we'd love to have a good conversation with ya, benji! hehe], going to shows, playing w/cashdog.
things he loves: '63 chevy impala, punk rock shows, punk rock girls, girls w/ tattoos & piercings, goth girls, old clothes, old junk stores.
things he doesnt love: humidity, politicians, food poisoning, and "anything else i might not like at that certain time." [WOW benji really?!?! jk]
food: free food, pizza
colors: black & baby blue
tv show: the simpsons, snl, 7th heaven (jessica biel)
famous chick: jessica biel [i think she plays mary on 7th heaven, but i don't watch it so i'm not sure]
movies:another state of mind, sid & nancy
person in history: mlk jr.
superhero: the toxic avenger
musical influences: minor threat, rancid, government issue, green day, the clash, ben lee, the sex pistols, the beastie boys, apoptygma berzerk, mxpx, oasis, nirvana, evan dando, dave grohl, everclear, mc hammer [ok benji... whatever floats your boat...], goldfinger

here's the survey thing that i sent benji... benji thank you SO much for writing me back. [now i feel special... lol]
"1) are you single? (hehe a lot of grrls love you...)yes im single
2) how many girlfriends have you had and would you ever date a fan? hmm cant remember [benji i cant believe you! jk], um maybe
3) what is the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you/given you? lots of sweet stuff, every gift is my fav
4) if you weren't in gc what would you be doing now?hmm pro baseball [roight... .nah baseball rox...]
5) britney, christina, jessica or mandy?mandy
6) who are your musical influences? everyone i listen to, rancid, minor threat, NFG, oasis
7) what is your favorite song/band? i wanna riot(rancid), minor threat
8) what were you like in high school? hmm, always fooling around
9) do you have a celebrity crush? who is it?jessica biel
10) how many tattoos/piercings do you have? what is your favorite? when did you get your first tattoo/piercing?too many to count, theyre all my fav [aww benji you didnt answer my last question! hehe jk i forgive you.]
ok hope this helps, later