top left: me (on the right) and carla.
bottom left: my pink tips. hehe
right: me and my guitar. and my "mutilated" gc shirt. isnt it nifty?

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random shxt about amy:
also known as: amela, ames, chaya (its my hebrew name, dont ask), JINX (lol keerbeer), amers, amos (pronounced with an "oh" not "ih" sound, lol dawne i dont wanna sound like anus! hahahahahah), etc etc etc
age: 15
location: philly!
a really sick joke: Q. whats gray and comes in quarts? A. an elephant.
quote of the day: "the cute one with the muscles." --my mom, describing joel. hahahaha i love my mommy
latest accomplishment: successfully dyeing my hair. and figuring out wtf "palm mute" means. lol i'm pathetic. oh well.
personal motto: if it's called a philly cheesesteak, it probably isn't.
dream job: drummer/guitarist, editor of a magazine, web designer, etc etc etc
worst possible job for me: a 9 to 5 desk job. ewwwwwwwww

fave member of gc: usually aaron
fave superhero: BOD MAN!!! no seriously catwoman; she does everything batman does but she does it in heels. maybe superman -- xray vision would be nice *heh heh* but kryptonite sux!
favorite feature: physically, my eyes. otherwise... i guess my ambition and how i try to be nice to everybody.
least favorite feature: i'm not even gonna START with this one... lets see... MY TEETH!! the fact that i have a relatively big muscle in my right arm and NONE in my left. dont like my abs. i'm not gonna say "Oh my god like i am like so like FAT!" because thats not true, i just think i should have more muscle. it really bugs me when ppl complain about how fat they are. also the fact that i am very ambitious (which is good) but i'm also impatient and i procrastinate. basically, that means i never get anything done except when i really really want to (such as setting up this site, which i did in 3 days. woohoo go me. lol)

likes: gelato, candy, dark chocolate, dyeing my hair, music, my guitar (red strat!! woohoo another reason i <3 my mommy), boyyyyys, concerts, the smell of my grandma's house, kugel, rugelach, sleeping, long beach island (it's really weird, a lot of philly ppl say "im going down the shore" but in cali its always "im going to the beach"), tv (even tho i dont have one!!! AAAAAAH!), making webpages, photos, my friends, talking, laughing, eating, running around being hyper, that empty cleansed feeling after you have a good cry and then a steaming shower
dislikes: smoking (i think it's stupid. i mean you don't even get a high. it's not like i won't be your friend if you smoke, it's just a turnoff for me. and it smells bad), when people say "gay" or "retarded" to mean stupid, sushi, when people won't let stuff go (ok, i've never had pork or shellfish. it's my religion. i don't miss it 'cause i've never had it. deal with it.), people at gc concerts who say "what IS this?!" when goldfinger's "san simeon" and "counting the days" are played between bands, my insecurity, stupid people
boyyyyyys: dark spiky hair. dark eyes. dyed hair. spiky hair in general. drummers. guys who smell good (yummmmmmmmmm). guys who aren't afraid to cry. guys who can have an intelligent conversation. good huggers. skaters. funny guys. sweet guys. intelligence is good.
things to do before i die (in no particular order): play drums, experience love, snowboard, skateboard (but i am SOOOOO uncoordinated and i have no balance and i'm extremely accident-prone... as in broke both feet in the span of one year doing seemingly harmless stuff), skydive, tell certain ppl exactly what i think about them
how to recognize me: umm... shoulder length dark brown hair usually in a messy bun (lol like half the world) with hot pink tips. dark brown eyes (sometimes they look black in photos, lol), medium height (if you really care im 5'5" or maybe 5'6" and 113 or 115 lbs. this very strange because 2 1/2 yrs ago i was 4'10" and 80 lbs.), mostly either laughing hysterically, on the brink of tears, ogling punk/skater boys, or looking dazed/out of it. rarely seen in skirt.

i've been known to say:...
"mooooooomaddlovejoelbabies" KIRI!!!
"make sure you drive the viper, bon" "i think jeremiah is a sexy name"
"aaron can i have a hug?"
"oh no, i'm a punkybopper"
"look it's emo benji!"
"someone please hit me very hard, i need to get over [name]."
"WHY am i letting you cut my hair again?"
"so mike i hear you're pretty smooth with the 8th grade laaaaaaaaaadies." sorry mike, it's the guitar! and the mutated arm muscles! lol jk i luv ya
"am i a loser or a groupie or both?"
"ewww now my gum tastes funny and my bag smells like smoke"
"super sexy SERGEANT sally and her amazingly awesome assistant amy"
"he said old spice is his sexy smell"
"hey he has the same jacket as jamie!"
"he looks like a lego man..." lol lizzie
"INNOVATIONS!!!" kiri libby sophie
"oh no i'm BEAMiNG again...!"
"jordan how can you offer to teach me guitar and not know what the who is?"
"i have 2 lines of the talking heads stuck in my head: psycho killerrrr qu'est-ce que c'est? da da DA da da da DA da..."
"pj what is radio unfriendly music?"
"well lizzie we don't need a bassist -- i'll just take the top 2 strings off my guitar! ::grins moronically:: yes i KNOW they're 2 different instruments jordan, i was being SARCASTIC"
" 'that adorable little dark haired punk girl'? i am flattered.... 'i love drummer chicks' heyyyyy hes just a big flirt!" lol lizzie!
"bod man to the rescue"
"eww carson daly looks like a horse!"
other funny things ppl have said/inside jokes and shxt
"wait benji so you're saying all the HOs are over on your side? cause i said hiphop HEYYYYYYY"
::nudge:: "that's aaron." "what?" "THATS AARON!" "AAAAH!"
"did tony just adjust himself?"
"throw the damn bracelets!"
"ooh the hot punker is back!" "where?" "right behind you in the black shirt!" ::5 girls sneakily turn around and ogle punker guy, lol::
"turn on your bracelet"
"yeah it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it!" lol carla, keren
"i trust you! because you're a trustworthy person!" carla!
"my life goals have been accomplished: i met mtx boy again and i met aaron benji and joel. i could die right now... and if i saw mtx boy again i would.... OH SHXT THAT'S SETH'S MOM! OOOPS...."
"what's reggae?"
"guess what everybody, BOB MARLEY IS BLACK!"
dreams involving gc or mest that i've had:
1) lizzie and i were in a band. i was the drummer and lizzie was playing a red guitar (coincidentally she got a red electric guitar the next day for xmas), but we were both singing. we were playing in a school bus with all the seats removed and one side taken off so ppl could see us. then the gc boys were in the pit and we pulled them onstage and they started playing with us. weird. and then we all drank hot chocolate with marshmallows.
2) i was by myself in my room dancing to "the real slim shady." i was wearing my orange-red-and-yellow striped toe socks, my xoxo tube top (which is sorta hoochie-ish b/c it is short and black and TiGHT), and white bondage pants like benji's. [hehe weird outfit...] then all of a sudden the music changed to punk and i was crowd surfing. ME. iN MY ROOM. iN TOE SOCKS AND BONDAGE PANTS AND A TUBE TOP. and the even stranger part is that the hot guy from the gc/mest concert and the boys from gc and mest were the ones holding me up! it was weird.
3) i was having a party in my living room and i had one of those spinning multicolored party lights and a disco ball. all my friends were there... i was wearing my old navy string bikini top (which i'd never wear in real life b/c the top is a little... um... basically i'd be flashing everyone) and my red pants. for some reason i had invited gc and mest to my party, like sent them an email or something, and they came! lol cool. so i was like HI!!! oh my god i didn't think you would actually come. then we all went into my kitchen and started eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches [this part is probably because i was thinking about camp before i went to bed and at camp you could get pb&j at every meal, so if you didn't like the food it was like "i want pb&j" which was cool] and then billy gave me a hug [awww billy seems so sweet] and for some reason i had a drum set in my ROOM [which is so small i doubt a drum set would even fit in there] so we all went to my room [and we could all FIT] and then i sat down and played my drums. then all my friends left but the punkerboys were still there so they were like "well we're sleeping over" and they all got out sleeping bags and went to sleep on my floor (in real life my floor can hold 2 people in sleeping bags if theyre RIGHT next to each other, so i have no clue how 9 people fit) hehehehhehe i love dreams like these. until i wake up. [and if you're like, shes obsessed, i sorta am but i was ASLEEP so i'm not this disillusioned in real life. i WiSH i could play drums but i cant.]
4) a few friends and i were at a concert. it was weird... before the show i saw benji and i went up and said hi, but for some reason i kept calling him joel! WEiRD... then how the place was laid out was this: i guess it must have been outside... there was a stage and a tiny tiny pit in front of it but the only ppl in it were 8 year old boys! then there were chairs like 50 ft behind that and thats where we had to sit. so we got hungry and decided we'd go get some food. we wound up in our school cafeteria where a bunch of my friends were sitting. 2 tables over sat aaron. all by himself! so we went over and said hi and got his autograph, then we went to get food from the cafeteria line. when we sat down we sat w/ our friends instead of with aaron. then sophie and i sat with him. as we were leaving --ok this is really peculiar-- we were on the cinder track our school has, but it was like a moving sidewalk! so we were sitting on it strapped to it and we were moving (one person to a lane) it went from the outside: alyssa, sophie, kiri, aaron, me. i was talking to aaron about drums, then we started talking about nothing in particular. then i woke up. ;(
5) this was a really short dream... i dont really remember it that clearly. i had sent aaron a PAiR OF SOCKS for some reason. and he sent them back along with a black chuck taylor with a sock in it. that is quite possibly the strangest dream i've ever had.
6) i was waiting outside the 2/11 show before doors opened and i started singing "punk rawk show" to pass the time... then the gc guys came out and they were like "dude we love this song" and they started singing along. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.
7) i was sitting on my floor playing my guitar, and then all of a sudden benji appeared on my bed. he was smoking. so i go "stop it! no smoking!" and throw the cig out the window. hahahahhahaha
8) i was at camp, and no one was sending me any mail. so i'm sitting on my bed and a counselor's like "amy here's a letter" so i open it and it's one of those greeting cards where you can record a message. the noise is bon and the gc boys saying "hi." har har.

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a shxtty song written by moi:
she's a doll
she's a rag doll
with a silly putty heart
doesn't see your abuse
tearing her apart

doesn't see through
your manipulation
just sees your eyes
and is launched into elation

she's a barbie
with a manufactured brain
she has to have you
and it blocks out all the pain

she can't leave you
but she knows she's being used
doesn't want to wake up
and do what she has to do

she's living in a bubble
floating in the clouds
but the internal tears
are loud loud loud!

push her, pull her
walk all over her
as long as it's you...
she doesn't care what you do