Last spring is when philly was first introduced to good charlotte. "little things" was played on the Y100 cagematch, where new songs are pitted against each other. (if a song wins for 15 consecutive nights, it is added to the regular playlist.) i remember voting for it... anyway, my profile said "y100" on it somewhere, and someone IMed me asking what "that song like "for every kid who got picked last in gym class" " was called and who it was by. of course, i only knew the beginning, and i had no clue at all about the artist.
i bought the gc cd in fall 2000. it was amazing and i soon memorized all the words...
on december 7, lizzie and i went to a free concert gc was doing to benefit the y100 campout for hunger. it was really good... we were jumping around and taking pictures and screaming. we were in the back in the center but we moved to the side in front. just then aaron threw like 6 drumsticks right where we had been standing... grr. and then we were like "hey that guy has the same jacket as jamie! haha" which has nothing to do with gc, but anyway... benji was making fun of joel's $2 gloves... lol i had basically the same gloves when i was little but they were blue and red instead of black and red. hehehe i feel special... after the concert, we got in the car and started to leave, but then on the radio they were saying "and here are some people who want autographs" or something like that, so we jumped out of the car and ran back to where they had been playing. they were trying to leave, but they were nice and signed a little bit. i got benji's autograph... there was a girl who cut & dyed her hair like benji's... it was SO COOL!
the next day we went to the y100 feastival. gc played first. they're really good performers. they did "a hard day's night" by the beatles (b/c it was the 20th anniversary of john lennon's death). the whole concert was good: fuel, everclear, the wallflowers, and live played after gc. but we don't really like live, so we sat in the hallway.
just then we see aaron walk by, so lizzie exclaims, "hey, that's aaron!" and we get up and go over to him... a few guys got his autograph first, then a bunch of girls who didn't really look like they knew who he was (like "oh there goes a hot guy with people following him..." which of course is understandable b/c aaron is gorgeous. anyway.). he gave one of the girls one of his bracelets. aww so sweet. and he didn't try to rush off and stuff. he let me take a pic with him...
so we sit down again against the wall and hyperventilate for about a minute (lol lol sad but true); then we see benji and joel so we go and get their autographs too. they're both nice but joel seems sweeter. i dunno. and they're short. but they're still adorable... heehee. joel let me take a pic with him too but i didn't put the flash on so it didn't come out. GRR GRR GRR
and now i'm going to the gc & mest show tomorrow night. i am looking forward to it so much...
<3 amy

show with mest and vroom on 12/29
this show was amazing!!! i went with sophie allison alyssa and kiri. they got there before i did. the first thing sophie said to me when i got there was "oh my god aaron was just here and he is so so so so so hot." (direct quote). i had made red seed bead bracelets for each of 'em with their names on 'em so at the end of gc's set i pushed up to the front and threw them on stage! lol lol daring moment for amy... anyway vroom played first. they were ok but not punk enough to satisfy most of the fans there. they were ok i guess... then came mest! hehe i loooove them.. they are adorable. but i like their music even more than their looks, same with gc. they are really good performers... tony was crowd surfing a little... he stood up and these grrls tried to pants him! hehe this was AFTER he took his shirt off! jeremiah (guitar & vocals) was closest to us. ::sigh:: anyway we were jumping around sooo much. these guys were moshing except they started from behind me so by the time i realized it i had been kicked in the face. and there was this hot punk/skater guy next to us but he had a girlfriend :( i took a lot of pix but i doubt they'll come out. if they do tho i'll put them up on the web... anyhow mest and gc are amazing... and mest sang "fxck the greyhound bus" which is a bonus track on their cd so all the people there were screaming "fxck you!" and it was cool.
then gc played.... amazing as usual, very energetic. joel split the crowd in half and he was like "this side goes HEYYYY [it was my side]" so we all go HEYYYY and then benji goes "and my side says HOOOOO so they say HOOOO and then it's like joel: hiphop side 1: HEYYYY side 2: HOOOO so it was cool, then joel said "so benji, your side is the HOs?" lol lol.
i would have killed for backstage passes... grrrrrr it seems like everyone who runs a fan site really KNOWS the band... except me. oh well... anyhow i just got back and i feel really grimy and i'm tired. so i'm gonna take a shower and then it's off to bed for me.

philly (the tla), 2/11/01
aaaaaaaaah. all i can say is... this show was AMAZING.... ok. i'll try to remember everrrrry detail. hehehe. all right... alyssa and i got there at 5:50 which was an hour and ten minutes before the doors opened, but the line was already halfway from the tla to 4th st. so we got in line and these 3 girls from mt. laurel were in front of us... allie, chrissy, and someone else, i forget!! sorry! and chrissy's mom was there too. we started talking and so they saved our spots while we went to starbucks for hot chocolate and lorenzo's for pizza. ok so FINALLY we got in there... we were pretty close and more or less in the center. then it filled up REALLY fast. the crowd was almost all girls this time. i was wearing this gc t-shirt that was too big for me so i cut it shorter, took off the sleeves, took in the sides, and laced it up with hot pink string. this very dainty-looking, good-postured girl in front of me said to me, "oh, i really like your shirt!" and i said "thanks, i cut it up myself!" rofl she gave me the funniest look, i think she must have thought i bought it like that. we stood there for a while... then i'm like "i hafta piss" and alyssa was like "me too" so we were like "allie don't move, we're coming back!" and ALYSSA IS SOOOO GOOD AT THAT, she got us back exactly where we were before! ok... then SGR came on. they were good... yay i LOVE ska. and their guitarist kept raising one eyebrow and grinning which was adorable. hehe seriously they are really good. the next band was stryder i think... they were good too. i think this was when it started getting wild.. it was fun though. the girls who were crowd surfing were getting felt up... anyway stryder was great. ok... so finally gc came on. i forget what song they played first, maybe "east coast anthem"? this girl had a sign that said "joel be my valentine" or something and he was like "sure why not?" lol he's adorable. gc played an AMAZING show. i kept getting one of 2 types of people in front of me: 1) really tall sweaty guys or 2) girls with big hair that stopped me from seeing and also stuck to my face. eww. seriously i had about half a square foot of space... WOW i'm still sort of speechless. i don't know what to say... it was SO GREAT. they played "a hard day's night" which they played at the feastival and they played a new song... i think it's called "the clique" but i don't know. and they changed "waldorf worldwide" to "philadelphia worldwide," lol. it was so crazy during that song... only the tips of my toes were touching the ground, i was so squished, but in a good way. but they played "little things." grr. i don't like that song. i was screaming "superman can't walk!" but they didn't play it. oh well. by this point alyssa and i were really really dehydrated, the combo of sweating that much and not drinking anything was awful, so we ran down to lorenzo's and got soda. then we walked back to the tla to get autographs or something...
1st we saw aaron, so we ran up to him and i said "hey aaron, you wrote back to my email and you said you'd teach me drums, so even though you didn't mean it, thank you!" and he laughed. then he signed my cd booklet and i was like "can i get a pic with you?" so i gave my camera to a girl to take a pic for me. i was on aaron's left and alyssa was on his right.. he had one of those gas station jackets. so he put his arm around my shoulder and i guess his jacket lifted up, cause i put my arm around him and then suddenly my right arm was stuck in his jacket! rofl. so he was laughing, alyssa was laughing, i was staring at him trying to extract myself, and then the girl takes the pic. aaron goes, "let's take another one..." so we did. hahahahhaha he is so sweet.
then we went to joel, paul, and benji, and got pix with them... benji pinched alyssa in the waist, lol lol lol lol. hehehehehehe. and i was like "joel can i have a hug?" so he gave me a hug, hehehe.
ummm wow i'm reading this over and i sound like a complete teenybopper. well... PUNKYBOPPER... oh well...
then we saw billy about to go back inside and i ran up and got his autograph but not a pic. and finally we saw aaron again so i ran up and i said "you are sooooo talented... can i have a hug?" so he said yes... he is such a good hugger. even better than pj!! lol lizzie.
that concert was SO amazing... i guess you had to be there... but it was great.

shoot for "the clique" -- the tla, 4/3/01
this was soooooooo amazing... first i got there about 5 minutes before they let us in, which was cool... i went up to steve and i was like "hey steve i'm amy, thank you soooo much" and then i saw bon standing next to him so i said hi to her... then they were like "everyone get in line" so i did... and i was next to bon's friends kylene and allie who are kool. it turns out "the clique" was prerecorded so gc lipsynced the song over and over for about an hour... maybe a li'l longer. benji was like "this is sooooo weird..." but between takes the gc boys walked over to the edge of the stage and talked to people... i asked benji how to play the intro for "walk by" on guitar and he showed me (thx benj) but i promptly forgot... so i asked him again after the show ;P. it was sooooo funny, the camera guy was like "ok, when i say so, scream, and when i stop, stop" but we didnt exactly stop perfectly... then benji went "ok, when i do this [puts arms up] you scream and when i do this [puts arms down] you stop, k?" then we all stopped PERFECTLY. hahahhaa. then gc played for about 40 minutes i guess. they played "festival song" and "east coast anthem" and "walk by" and some new stuff i think. they also played some green day (lol they played part of basketcase, they stopped right before the 2nd verse so everyone was still singing "she says its lack of sex thats bringing meeee down" and paul said "you guys are too young for that!" haha) and they played that "iiiii want cannnndy" song too. heh. it was amaaaaaaazing... afterwards they talked to fans/took pix/signed stuff for a while... lauren wanted an aaron autograph and so i was like "hey aaron, my friend said 'get the tall blond hot one to sign something for me'" and he goes "paul's over there!" lolll. i told joel that my mom described him as "the cute one with muscles" and he laughed and winked and said "tell your mom i say hi" lol i did and she got a kick outta that... STEVE YOU ARE SOOOOO COOL!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!! THANK YOUUUU!