1. Full name
2. Nicknames
3. Activities
4. Pet Peeves
5. Best HS memories
6. Worst HS Memories
7. Future Plans
8. Senior Will
9. Words of Advice

1. Benjamin L. [beeeeeeep]
2. Benji, Benj, Benjoel, Joel, Coombs, little Coombs, cupcake, B-nice, stop following me!, Get Away!, No!!
3. Football, Wrestling, Varsity Basketball, Computer Bowl, JV Bullfighting, Jr. Detectives, Babysitter's Club, Hair Club for men (President as well as a client), Good Charlotte
4. [unanswered]
5. Teresa T. at Vampire Manor, Goin to school with my family: Joel, Sarah, Josh, the B.J.J. in 9th, hanging with Paik, running from the law, Young Life, All my times with Sal (your still in the circle bro), the Jamie G./Leanne S. Crew, Geometry, Holmes class, GOOD CHARLOTTE (Paul, Aaron and Brian what's up), much love to Sarah G., Katie V., Katie B., Jenell D., Matt C., Matt B., Justin B., Bowie X2, WU-TANG, Metz's, Mike H., Tricia G., Phil, Bridgette, and everyone else. Bonding with Kevin, Brian's mysteries of magic, Lenny G. and Steve H. rolling in the Impala, Going to G.C., the beatdown, cookies for me, Sarah, Homeroom, all those little runaways (Kevin, Matt, Me, Joel, 5/13/95, 11/30/96, Bonding with Amanda K. and her family, ALL THE GOOD CHARLOTTE SHOWS, R.J., Greg and the Norwood Crew, Polish, and EVERYONE!!!!
6. Losing touch with Sal, never getting K.V.
8. To my little sister I leave lots of love, to Kevin Root I leave my good looks, to Sal I leave my skills, to Aaron and Paul I leave the Impala, to Collin, Tim, Matt and the rest of the crew I leave Hot Pockets for all.
10. [beeeeeep] MD #####

1. Joel R. R. [beeeeeep]
2. Benjoel, Benji, Coombs
3. Football, Wrestling, Baseball, J.V. Bullfighting, Varsity Basketball, SGA, DECA, Babysitter's Club, Younger Republicans, Band.
4. "Really cool kids", bad breath, people who can't laugh, people who don't smile back.
5. Hanging with my bros Josh and Benji, all those days with Sal, all the times with Josh R. (JJB) homecoming with Teresa, all those summer nights riding around doing nothing, de-signing my hood with Paik, Georgetown with Kevin, Alexandria with Matt, 5/13/95, 11/30/96, HFStival, Younglife, All the times with Brian G., Prom with Benji, Carrie, Ali, and Dave, All the girls, hanging and fighting with Paul and Aaron, GOOD CHARLOTTE, sports, back porch, everybody who was real, Greg, RJ, Justin, Mike, Bobby, Matt B., Velozos, Weezer, Bowie, Ford, and everybody else.
6. Never having B.B., losing touch with Sal, stupid parties, all the other bad things.
7. GOOD CHARLOTTE, Live long and prosper.
8. Collon N.-all the hot pockets you can handle, Timmy G.- Testosterone.
9. "Don't listen to nobody in high school"
10. [beeeeeeep] MD #####