stage name: sicky b
last name: escalopio [all the rest of 'em have such bland/popular/whatever last names...but that's an awesome name]
instrument: drums [and damn good at it too]
dob/age: 3.8.1980 / 20
height: 6'2"
what we love about aaron: he's hot! [well it's TRUE...], how he's really sweet in person, his amazing musical skills
according to the gc official site:
hobbies: playing vidoe games, playing drums [well DUH], going to the movies, writing songs, sleeping [yeah!], driving my car, answering email
things he loves: fans, hugs [lizzie is a hug BUNNY! because it sounds better than -- oh wait, never mind. lol sorry lizzie], music, seeing his family, friends, playing drums, playing guitar, stars, tattoos [i wants a star tattoo on her ankle but my parents would kill her]
things he doesnt love: being homesick, the term "sellout," diet coke [ewww diet coke is gross even tho miranda loves it], paul's dirty socks [we'll take your word on that one]
food: chocolate, pb twix, pizza
colors: blue
tv show: the simpsons [i LOVE the simpsons!]
famous chick: britney spears [i can't stand her music, her remake of "satisfaction" is revolting. but i guess she's pretty... or she just wears next to nothing which guys like. har har.]
movie: star wars
person in history: hurricane carter
superhero: spawn
musical influences: green day, weezer [do they do the sweater song?], led zepplin [is there an "e" between the p and the L?], 2pac, cash money, silverchair, incubus, KoRn, nirvana, foo fighters, wu-tang, ratm, blink182, journey, beach boys

how long have you been playing drums? ive been playing 4 about 12 years [wow thats a long time... so he was 8 when he started... eeeee that rox]
do you think you're missing out on anything by being in gc and not going to college? I always knew this is what i wanted to do so in a way this is my college [hmm...]
what's your favorite video game? [lol i know thats a damn stupid question] James Bond

>1) if you were on a desert island and could only bring 5 things/ppl with you, what would you take? Food,drums,a spoon,a Cal Ripken rookie card,water,Britney Spears [that was SiX... lol...]
>2) if you could take two memories from your life and put them in a scrapbook, what would they be? Everything w/ my band,My family..
>3) weirdest thing you've done to piss off your parents:Painted my dads car pink w/ spray paint [ROFLMAO HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA i was in school on the internet checking my mail, i was supposed to be looking up info for a school project, and i opened this email, started cracking up...]
>4) what were you like in high school?Dorky [i dount it...]
5) would you rather be smart or sexy?Hmmm Smart,Ill never be sexy.... [and modest too... lol aaron is sexy...]
>6) weirdest thing you've done to get a girl to notice you:Kick her in the knee... [hmm ok....]